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New Zealand Wanaka, Southland/ Otago, New Zealand


Traveltruly is here to make travelling, fishing and exploring New Zealand more authentic and memorable by providing personally curated trips, packages and itineraries that are customised to your needs and budget. Come with Matt Butler on an authentic kiwi fly fishing experience, exploring our amazing clear waters and magnificent scenery!

Often referred to as the trout anglers ‘El Doradro’, New Zealand offers some of the finest fly fishing for wild trout on the planet. Brown and Rainbow trout inhabit some of the most spectacular, gin clear waters you will ever witness and its not just the size of the trout that draws in keen anglers, it is the challenge of hunting and sight fishing to some of the most cunning and wily trout known to man.

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Brown trout, Rainbow trout

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Wanaka, Southland/ Otago, New Zealand

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