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Angler's Alibi lodge is located on the fabled Alagnak River in Bristol Bay, one of the most prolific salmon rivers in the world. This is a true Alaska experience with fly in access only. This means no crowds or roads, just unbelievable fishing, scenery, and wildlife viewing. We have been here for more than 20 years and have one of the highest return rates in the industry, 80% to 90%!

We utilize 7 guide boats, with 6 guides and have a 2 to 1 guest to guide ratio. Our chef serves amazing meals daily, and our shore staff is always eager to maintain the utmost level of comfort to our guests while at Angler's Alibi.

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Angler's Alibi Alaska

My father and I have been going to Angler's Alibi since 2006 and several years, we have gone up twice so that we can fish for kings and then silvers. The fishing has always been great with many incredible days. in addition to the great fishing, the wildlife that you get to see is always a great bonus. The camp is extremely comfortable especially given the remoteness of the location. Finally the staff are the best. They work hard to make the trip perfect for everyone and I must say that they succeed. Overall, I totally recommend Angler's Alibi to anyone looking for a outstanding salmon fishing trip in Alaska.

Angler's Alibi Alaska

I have one word which describes my first visti to Anglers Alibi, AWESOME!
I was extremely impressed with the quality of service and the quantity of iifsh. I have never fly fished before, but after just a couple of hours I was catching these huge fish on a fly rod! What more can I say;.again it is AWSOME! One may think that the word awesome is overused and lost it'scredibility, but I rarely use the term and I really think the whole trip, the flights in and out of the camp, the food, the staff, the accomodations were top notch Let's not forget about the fishing,and youe will see that aweswome is the only sinlgle word I can think of to adequately describve a week at Anglers Alibi. JP knows what he is doing and he does it very well. I will continue to recommend this fantastic fishing camp. I can hardly wait until I visit again.

Angler's Alibi Alaska

In the summer of 2014, I visited Angler's Alibi for the first time to experience salmon fishing in Alaska. And, the trip proved to be greater then anticipated. The staff at Angler's Alibi made me feel so at home in the Alaskan Coastal wilderness that it was like fishing with old friends. The food was top notch and the fishing, well I now know what a salmon run is. I have never experienced anything quite like this as the Coho, Chum, Pinks and Kings filled the river so fully that it seemed any mere mortal could simply walk across the river on the backs of these tasty fish. So, if you asked me if I would recommend Angler's Alibi, I would simply say GO!

Angler's Alibi Alaska

My week at Angler's Alibi was nothing short of awesome. Not only was the camp comfortable and the food outstanding the attention provided by the staff was beyond compare. Whether a seasoned fisherman or new at the sport, you will have an unforgettable experience here and catch more fish in one week than you have probably seen in your lifetime. 2014 was my first season at the camp and I am already scheduled for a week in the 2015 season. Can't wait until next July.

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Alagnak River, King Salmon, Alaska, United States

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Alagnak River, King Salmon, Alaska, United States

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Guide Sean K. on his way back to Angler's.
Steelie skies and silvers on the fly!  Catch rates on silvers average 20 plus per rod per day!
Hail to the King Salmon!
Nothing captures raw Alaska as much as this incredible photo taken by guest Mike C. in 2014
Mother bear teaching and feeding her young ones in the tidewater of the Alagnak River, only yards away from the lodge
Mother bear at fabled Brooks River taking on 3 cubs, and daunting task!
Yes, this photo is real!  Our kings average 25 to 30 pounds and we take several every July that are over 40 pounds!
This is the river bottom of the Alagnak River during late July.  This shows why our river is one of the best salmon rivers in the world!
This is an aerial shot of Angler's Alibi on the Alagnak River.  We are in the prime location for unbelievable salmon fishing and fly-out fishing in Bristol Bay.
Sunrise over the Alagnak viewed from the "park".  We have a fire ring and take full advantage of the scenery at our location.
River X on the border of Katmai National Park.  This river experiences some of the best catch rates of Char, rainbow, and grayling in the world!
A leopard rainbow doing battle on the Fabled Moraine Creek of Katmai National Park
One of many buck silvers caught this past summer.  Great silver fishing on the Alagnak makes this a must for anyone wanting to do battle with the top rated salmon on the fly!
My 10 year old son River with his first silver salmon.....on his second cast ever in Alaska!
Hanging out at the fire pit, resting the arms and telling fish stories no doubt...
The cover photo for Alaska Magazine in the spring of 2014!
Yes, it is not all about the fishing, it is also about an unbelievable dining experience!
Doing battle with a silver salmon at sunset on the Alagnak River!
Just one of the many photos that have been used elsewhere taken at Angler's Alibi over the years.  Nice buck silver!
With a 2 to 1 guide ratio, and a staff on the shore of 3, this creates a ratio of guests to staff of almost 1 to 1 for your stay.
This is a nice shot of the dining tent and porch used for pour happy hour and post desert cigar hour.
A great shot of a silver salmon with a string leach of purple and pink.
A leaping silver salmon on the fly.....a common sight in August!
A king salmon on the fly of 25 pounds launching out of the water 6 times on this dual!
A blush king rocketing out of the water like most do on the fly!
Can you see the trophy size rainbow amongst the spawning sockeye salmon?  Sight fishing Katmai National Park is a must!
Katey and another magnificent jumping, pulling, rod breaking Calico salmon on the fly!
John and a nice Pink salmon on the of many that fight just like a big trout!
Husband and wife having the time of their lives at Angler's Alibi!
A Brown Bear launches in for the sockeye!
Carol with another huge chum salmon on the fly!
The family group is all smiles on the last day of their trip!
Fly fishing picture
Steel skies in August......silvers come a marching!
A launching silver cartwheeling out of the water!
Leaping silvers on the fly, any time in August is prime time!
Aerial view camping in for landing
Just another day at the office, nice to escape the rush hour...
Fly fishing picture

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