Montecristo River Lodge

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Nicaragua Boca de Sabalos, Rio San Juan., Nicaragua


The lodge is located Inside Montecristo's own private reserve & wildlife refuge, and close to the Indio-Maiz National Reserve.

In its 180 plus acres of land, you will find gardens, small organic plantations of cacao, coffee, fruits, and vanilla. We have planted thousands of trees for reforestation. We have more than 8.5 Km of the trail and 42 hectares of the primary rain forest.

We operate a wildlife rescue center, we have release 4 pair of macaws, 6 ocelots, 2 Jaguars, 4 wild pigs, 6 whitetail deer, about 200 green lizards, 30 ñocas, river turtle. We eliminated all the animal cages and converted our zoo space into a green plants nursery.


Snook - Robalo, Tarpon, Catfish, Gar, Guapote, Mojarra, Sabaleta - Brycon Henni, Sabalo, Striped Bass

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Boca de Sabalos, Rio San Juan., Nicaragua

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