El Saltamontes Bronze

Chile Coyhaique, XI Region, Chile


THE HOME RIVER, Rio Ñireguao, has proven to be one of the finest hopper-fishing brown trout streams we've ever experienced, with amazing numbers of surface-oriented fish. Testimony to its excellence is the large numbers of clients who return annually.

The Gorroño family opens their ranch to angling guests in early December, welcoming guests over the Christmas Holiday, and fish straight through the end of March. El Saltamontes is exclusively brown trout angling. Most fishing is done in the Ñireguao River and its oxbow lagoons. Some of the best water in the valley is only a few yards from the door of the deluxe lodge. Browns actively feed on grasshoppers and other terrestrials and the grass bordering the stream is loaded with them in January, February, and March. Even the lodge's name, " View more...


Brown trout, Rainbow trout

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Coyhaique, XI Region, Chile

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