Estancia El Zorro

Chile Coyhaique, Región de Aysen, Chile


Chilean Patagonia's Estancia del Zorro is in the Coyhaique Alto mountain range on the Chilean-Argentine border, 23 miles from Coyhaique, Chile. The 15,000 acre Estancia rests in the habitat of the red fox (zorro), the namesake of the Estancia. An abundance of condors, ragles, a myriad of other birds, and unexplored brown trout entice flyfishers and bird watchers to follow the trail of the red fox.

You and a knoledgeable, patient guide explore the holls, canyons, forests, mountains, pampas, and waters of the Estancia. Your guide helps you flyfish for brown trout on two rivers and on a 15 mile spring creek with browns up to an astonishing 12 pounds, all within the Estancia's private boundaries.

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Rainbow trout, Brown trout

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Coyhaique, Región de Aysen, Chile