Estancia Quillén Lodge

Argentina Quillén, Neuquen, Argentina


Estancia Quillén was founded in 1903 by the Camino family. Dedicating since those times to the breeding of Australian merino sheep and cattle. Currently the establishment, through its successors, is dedicated to the breeding of cattle in the Hereford and Polyhereford breed; mestizo horses, purebred race horses and heifer hut; registered pure bulls; cows V.I.P.

Since 1970, stability has opened its doors to sports tourism, such as big game hunting (red deer and wild boar); Fishing and adventure tourism, being the strong the cavalcades.

La Estancia Quillén fue fundada en el año 1903 por la familia Camino. Dedicándose desde aquellos tiempos a la cría de oveja merino Australiano y vacunos. Actualmente el establecimiento, a través de sus sucesores, se dedica a la cría de vacunos en la  View more...


Rainbow trout, Brown trout

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Quillén, Neuquen, Argentina