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At Highland Anglers, we are passionate about giving you the trip of a lifetime. Our Ecuadorian guides have over 15 years of fly fishing experience and work closely with the local communities to build a sustainable fishing partnership.

Whether you're new to fly fishing or a seasoned veteran, we'll make sure the trip is perfect for you. Our trips are fully customizable and all-inclusive.

Let us show you what Ecuador has to offer!


Arapaima, Arawana, Golden Dorado, Mojarra, Salminus affinis, Sabaleta - Brycon Henni, Rainbow trout

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Description (HIGHLANDS, Quito, Pichicncha, Ecuador)

Pesca en las hermosas monta;as del Ecuador hasta los grandes ríos de la Amazonia


HIGHLANDS, Quito, Pichicncha, Ecuador

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