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Best fishing destinations in Russia: Arctic Regions, Siberia, Far East;

- float trips or static tent camps;
- fly fishing (and spinning) are both practiced on our tours;
- individual tailor-made or scheduled group tours;
- from 1 week trip to 3-4 weeks expeditions;
- wild and remotes rivers in taiga and tundra zones;
- wide choice of species: Atlantic salmon, Arctic char, grayling, brown and sea trout, lenok, Siberian and Sakhalin taimen, king salmon, steelhead and silver salmon

- Transport & Logistics: For about 75 % of our tours, we use a helicopter, it's mainly a Russian medium twin-turbine helicopter MI-8, and usually, the tour cost and the helicopter flight cost are separated (see details in Pricing section). Also, we use SUV 4x4 or 6x6 bus trucks, motorboats;
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Description (Murmansk, Murmansk, Russia)

4 different tours in Kola peninsula: float trips and tent camps on remote rivers reached be helicopter: Atlantic salmon, grayling, brown trout.
1 budget trip (reached by 4x4 SUV): 6 days (or more): Atlantic salmon fishing in a tent camp.

Tour #1
7 fishing days: float trip + 2(3) days stay in tent base camp. Scenic river with fish tributaries.
-Atlantic salmon, Grayling;
- Transport: Helicopter (~ 2,5 h total flight time to/from river);
- Season: 20/06 - 20/09;
- Pricing: 2500 USD/pers + heli flight (estimate about 2 500 USD/hour: divided between clients)

Tour #2
7 fishing days: stay in tent base camp (comfortable sleeping tents, cook tent, a tent for socializing) + short downriver kayaking or hiking at the end of the tour.
- Atlantic salmon, big pike;
- Transport: Helicopt View more...


Murmansk, Murmansk, Russia

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