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Video - Magic Midge

The Magic Midge is a fly pattern from southern Alberta fly tyer, Brent Schlenker. Brent fishes some of Alberta's best stillwater ponds and this midge will find some real slabs of pothole rainbow. While this is a lake fly, I think it will do well on the creeks this spring. The midge can be tied in a variety of colors like olive, black, red, and chartreuse. The original uses just a thread base under clear V-rib. I choose to use the Stretch Magic bead cord instead as I like the fine diameter and the stretch the material has. Magic Midge Fly Pattern Recipe Hook: Firehole 315 #12-18 Bead: Clear, pearl or silver-lined glass Thread: Chartreuse 6/0 (70d) Body: UNI-Holo chartreuse tinsel Body: Stretch Magic or clear V-rib Thorax: Peacock herl


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