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Video - Brassie Jig

The Brassie is a long-lived pattern and has found a home in many fly boxes. I can remember using the brassie in a stillwater pond when I first started fly fishing. The pond didn't end up having any trout, but I did manage to find some rather large and hungry "wild" goldfish willing to try the fly. I've tied this one on a Jig hook and will be using the fly in the small Ontario creeks this spring. For the thorax, feel free to use peacock herl or any color of peacock dubbing. You can also try out some different colors of wire, black and red have worked quite well for me in the past. Brassie Jig fly pattern recipe Hook: Firehole 516 #12-16 Bead: Copper brass or tungsten Thread: 8/0 (70d) olive Body: Medium or Brassie copper wire Thorax: Peacock Ice Dubbing


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