1. A Dream Trip

A trip is probably the best gift you can give to a fly fisherman. No matter what destination you choose, the angler that receives this special present will surely be excited and probably start planning the arrangements, choosing the gear, tying the flies, and so on soon after being notified. In case you need some ideas, here's the link to our Travel Directory with lodges and guides from around the world: salmon in Iceland, permit in Cuba, tarpon in Costa Rica, rainbow trout in Alaska, browns in Patagonia, and many more options for you to choose from for that lucky angler.

Link: https://www.flydreamers.com/en/directory/default/search

2. SAGE X Rod

SAGE continues to improve the performance of their rods year after year, and the X is no exception. From 3 weight up to 10 weight, these new fast action tapers are built with the renowned Konnetic HD Technology, which helps anglers create tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. There's no doubt a SAGE rod (handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA) will be an unforgettable present to any fly fisherman.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/sage-x-1931

3. Abel Reels

No matter what species of fish an angler chases, an Abel reel will make him a joyous one. Abel Reels design and build some of the best and most dependable gear in the world, so no matter if he gets a Classic model, a TR, or a Super series one he'll be an incredibly grateful fly fisherman. Take a look at the different models, including the ones illustrated by fly-fishing artists, right here:

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/abel-reels-b550

4. Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack

The search for the perfect hip pack can be long and tough, but the new Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack might mark the end of it for many of us anglers. This 21 L pack allows you to carry all the indispensable gear and keep it dry too, as its lining is made of a water-resistant material. It also counts with classic features like the tippet tender and floatant/shake holder attachments, magnetic tool ports, net carry system, and an ergonomically designed shoulder strap for all-day comfort. Plus, the new design looks really cool.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/simms-g4-pro-hip-pack-2030

5. GT: A Fly Fisher's Guide To Giant Trevally by Peter McLeod

Peter McLeod, founder of Aardvark McLeod International, is a true reference when it comes to saltwater fly fishing. He has visited the Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, South Africa, Oman, Mozambique, Sudan and many more destinations in search of all kinds of species. He has also written the first book that focuses only on GTs. You'll find tactics, advice on tackle, flies and also fantastic photos about the electrifying experience of fly fishing for giant trevally.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/gt-a-fly-fishers-guide-to-giant-trevally-by-peter-mcleod-2001

6. Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX

Many anglers underrate the importance of a quality line and some of us will change our fly lines only after someone makes us try something different. Well, this may happen to you too if you get an Amplitude fly line as a gift. Here's some clear info by Scientific Anglers: "The Amplitude series will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to a science. Amplitude lines include our new AST Plus slickness additive, which is 50% slicker than our old lines. They also last over 800% longer, on average, than our three top competitors."

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/scientific-anglers-amplitude-mpx-1996

7. DeYoung Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for those who work in an office but dream about being out there all day long. De Young is one of the most renowned artists in the fly fishing world (you can check out our interview with him if you don't know him, it's right HERE) and it's a great thing for us anglers to have those Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Cutthroat Trout or Tarpon designs right on our desk to remind us that we should start planning our next fly-fishing trip!

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/deyoung-coffee-mug-2-1212

8. Patagonia Caps

We don't know why but it's pretty hard for us fly fishermen to stop buying caps, and the guys from Patagonia aren't making this any easier. Here's their new collection, looking good as always and helping anglers -and their couples- make a great affordable gift.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/patagonia-fitz-roy-trout-stretch-fit-hat-2037

9. Smith Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a must for every angler. Protection from the sun -and our speeding flies- together with the advantage of enabling us to spot fish makes them a key accessory for our fishing trips. Smith's Techlite glass and ChromaPop™ polarized lenses provide the highest levels of enhanced color and clarity while also offering unparalleled scratch resistance, so you have a sunglass that will perform under the pressures of a long road trip, a weekend of backpacking, and anything in between.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/sunglasses-c2609-smith-b360

10. Simms Flats Sneaker

Although it sounds crazy, wading the flats can get rough. That is why the guys from Simms have come up with a lightweight boot/sneaker especially designed to stand up to even the roughest coral. Sea urchins and sand are no longer a problem with the comfortable Simms Flats Sneakers. Plus, they look better than your regular freshwater wading boots.

Link: https://shop.flydreamers.com/product/simms-flats-sneaker-2-1596