As much fun as it is - its time to stop casting candies and clousers to the bread and butter species of Darwin harbour (trevally, macks and queenies - well not all the time, of course! --- as far too addictive)

So I tied up a few mullet like flies based on the GnG Hollow Baitfish. These on 2/0s - no extra lead wire in base as suggested by #Dronlee of Fly Tying Nation blog - also see his blog for some very interesting flies, all step by step with instructions and tips -- flies for both salt and fresh)

Now I have to get the patience to hunt the fish that would take these flies rather than the excitement of ravaging predators erupting the water surface at the various rock bars and reefs around the harbour

Tied it basically like #Dronlee but I used a tuft of grizzle craft fur in middle after tying in the pink ice dubbing to add the optical allusion of movement when stripped - think it  looks not too bad if I can say so myself!

I also mashed into head area a dollop of clear silicone to help give head shape and to attach the 3D eyes to, additionally with a layer or two of nail polish over this to help keep the 3D eyes on longer.

Come on, go tie some yourself and GO SWOFFING! (salt water fly fishing)
You simply can't catch fish while sitting and looking at this!