Fd: Can you tell us a bit about your beginnings?

My passion for fishing was born from an early age, but after changing many techniques, I (Luigi Mautino) devoted myself entirely to fly fishing. Later on, I decided to create Spacefishing to promote sport fishing in the Bardonecchia area, where during the winter I practiced skiing and snowboard. Also, predator fishing in the large lakes is a part of my technical background thanks to the experience gained in Sweden, France and Ireland.

Fd: Which area of Italy do you usually fish in?

We fish in the northwest of Italy, between Italy and France.
For more than five years we have been promoting fishing by personally managing two trout lakes and some beautiful areas of the Vallestretta torrent, where we promote catch and release to safeguard our fishing heritage.

We specialize in fly fishing (and spinning) that we teach even the youngest fishermen during our organized weeks. We provide a complete guide service even for the most experienced anglers and organize daily boat trips and fishing trips in search of the most sought-after predators such as pike and perch, in nearby France on the great Serre Poncon lake and in Sweden, both in the Baltic Sea that in the inland lakes.

Fd: What can you tell us about the fishing spots over there?

The GREEN LAKE is an absolutely unique and unforgettable spot. The best time to fish there is certainly the beginning of the season during the months of May and June, when the number of the numerous tourists who visit the lake daily is still limited. Set in a larch and fir forest, the lake is a natural spring of an emerald green color, rich in brown trout and spring chars of all sizes.
The techniques allowed are exclusively fly-fishing or spinning with immediate release of the catches. Absolutely mandatory to use artificial lures without barb and use the landing net to release the fish in water in the best possible way.
The UPPER PART (TROPHY ZONE) of the reserve runs from the 2100 meters of the Maison du Chamois, to the 2,281 meters of the Lavoire Lake, right at the foot of the summit of Mount Thabor.
In this incredible scenery a river takes on different morphologies, alternating stretches of fast water with jumps and deeper holes up to the level areas before the lake. To reach this area, rich in brown trout, spring char, alpine trout and some huge wild iris (rainbows), it is necessary to book the day with the guide, who will accompany you in this incomparable experience of fishing at altitude.
The day with the guide is reserved for a maximum of 4 people and includes transport from the parking of the valley to the maison du Chamois and vice versa, the necessary fishing vouchers and packed lunches.
In case of necessity, it is possible to rent all the fishing equipment (fly or spinning) separately. Each capture must be immediately released as soon as possible.

Fd: What are the top 5 trout flies that should be included in our boxes?

These are our favorites: Leuctra fusca, march brown, a good spent, a green cricket, and a black woolly bugger.

Fd: What about the fishing for pike and big perch?

We often go search the great pike and the numerous royal perch that populate the large and fascinating Serre Ponçon lake and the plan d'eau of Embrun, accompanied by our experience in this fishing made of many sacrifices but also of great satisfaction.

We offer daily trips or weekends by boat or bellyboat with the guide; we provide the complete equipment to tackle this type of fishing; and it is strictly Catch and Release.

Fd: What kind of gear should anglers carry on these trips?

We recommend 9 feet, line 4 or 5 rods for salmonids. In some circumstances, nymph rods: 10 feet for lines 3 or 4. For pike, 9 or 10 weight rods and lines.

Fd: What are the lodging options in these areas?

Spacefishing is pleased to welcome its customers and anglers in modern facilities and suitable for any need, both in residence and in single and two-room apartments, thanks to the partnership with Frejus Case Vacanza, a leading company in the local tourism / hotel sector. It is not necessary to book well in advance, but it is advisable to inquire about the conditions before reserving the guide service.

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