We bring anglers Tippet Rings to speed and ease terminal tackle rigging.
Tippet Rings are small, very strong, and lightweight and allow anglers to easily attach tippet to leader. A leader with a tippet ring turns over easily, and they are light enough to use with dry flies. Tapered leaders using this system last longer thanks to the leader not being shortened every time new tippet is attached. Tippet Rings also make adding a dropper easy and are a great addition to European Style Nymphing and indicator systems.
Tippet Rings are available in two sizes; 2mm “Trout” with a strength of 25lb, and 3mm “Steelhead” with a strength of 45lb. Tie the tippet ring to the leader with a clinch knot and then attach the tippet in the same manner for an easily rigged terminal tackle system.

For more detailed rigging, watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/134025965
Each pack contains 10 tippet rings, has a MSRP of $6.95, and can be purchased from local RIO dealers.