On the fly fishing map of the world, Russia is still mostly a white spot. This is especially true of the Russian Far East: this vast region (the size of the North American coast from Mexico to Alaska) is not well known among Western anglers. Some exception is the Kamchatka Peninsula, some of whose rivers are visited by foreigners with fishing rods. Some of our fish are not found in Europe or America. These are 2 species of taimen, cherry salmon, white-spotted char, a lot of endemic species of the Amur River ...

The new book erases some of those blank spots, telling on a 100 of the best rivers and lakes and more than 50 different species of fish that can be caught with a fly in the Russian Far East. It contains a lot of information about self-organization of travel, about floating our rivers...

Finally my 4th book is ready! This colored book has 600 pages and over 350 photographs and maps.

The book was printed by Friesens, Canada. The 1st batch (3000 copies) are in the storage of the distributor.



The ordering info: email bookonfareast@gmail.com

"Far East Distribution" USA

I want to thank my friends for the kind words about my work. I find it difficult to judge how such a high rating of this book is justified. Let the readers judge!

The reviews are good:

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