Yelcho en la Patagonia

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Chile Chaiten, Región de los Lagos, Chile


In a hidden corner of the world, 50 kilometers south of Chaitén through the Carretera austral-. Here, surrounded by ice-capped peaks, rainforests, and open waters, you'll find a fly fishing and adventure paradise. This lake is born of the river Futaleufú, originating from the río Grande in Argentina and of many other affluents.

Yelcho Lodge has a well-equipped fly shop that stocks all the required fishing gear in case you need to replace or supplement your own. Please note that you are welcome to bring your boat for fishing


Barracuda, Bonito, Sierra, Trucha marrón, Salmón Chinook, Trucha arcoiris

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Chaiten, Región de los Lagos, Chile

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