Estancia Río Pelke Bronce

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Argentina Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina


Staying at Estanica Río Pelke is not what one would expect from well-polished and manicured trout lodges in Northern Patagonia. These are authentic and somewhat rustic small homestay-style venues where guests are received as members of the family and experience local customs and traditional Argentine ways of life. Additionally, guests stay at the Estancia Pali Aike Eco-Camp, which consists of geodesic dome tents with heating systems, a shower and power for charging electronic devices. The Eco-Camp stay is on the last night of the trip, which allows guests to experience a more wilderness like setting for the closure of their Patagonian experience. Meals at the estancias are thoughtfully prepared using traditional Argentinean recipes showcasing locally sourced produce and farm-raised lamb a Ver más...


Trucha de arroyo o fontinalis, Trucha marrón

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Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina

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