Biblioteca Reporte de Pesca Sava Bohinjka River

Sava Bohinjka River

Desde: 10/02/2020
Hasta: 10/02/2020
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Salmón del Danubio - Hucho Hucho
TIC-TAC, tic-tac, wait and track, wait and try.. try some more… than do one perfect cast AND CATCH YOUR MONSTER HUCHO!! Hahaha.. Yes, I might needed a season or two more than some of you, to join the elite club of 110+ Hucho catchers.. BUT NOW I AM HERE, with my 117-er!!!!!

Sooo happy, to be able catching Him on my home river Sava Bohinjka, accompanied by my friend and Hucho-fishing bud – AL!! Superb handling of the hooked giant, if being there alone – the below images might just not be there.. the weight of the salmon only estimated about 30+ lbs, fly rod class 9 bent down to the handle all the time! Luckily hucho did not decide to run down with the current, but was pushing down towards the bottom all the time.. Like that I was a bit (but not totally) able to control him.... onc Ver más...


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