Río Grande

Destino: Río Grande
Desde: 21/02/2015
Hasta: 28/02/2015
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Sea-Trout (Trucha Marrón Anádroma)
Last week 149 fish were landed. 31 fish over 15 pounds, 6 of these were over 20 pounds. The average weight was 9.7 pounds.

It was a good fishing week at Estancia Maria Behey Lodge. The river is in excellent conditions, low and clear water. We had a heavy rain on Wednesday; and by Friday morning the river rose 2 or 3 inches but started to drop down again on Saturday.

We experienced cold temperatures in the morning, warming up in the afternoons. Air temperature was between 34° F and 61° F. Water temperature was between 41° F and 54° F.

Rods, lines and tips: 6 to 9 weight spey rods. Skagit and Scandi with T-11, T-14 and T-17 in different lengths. MOW tips are a very good choice to use with a Skagit line. For Scandi lines poly-leaders or versi-leaders worked well. With the low wa Ver más...


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