Rìo Parana

Destino: Rìo Parana
Desde: 19/05/2016
Hasta: 21/05/2016
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Dorado, Pirá pitá
Very cold weather (colder days ranging from 9° to 15° degrees and warmer days from 11 to 17). One sunny day, one rainny and one cloudy). Got to fish only one and a half day, and managed to take few fish with 300 grains line, and with dry flies at the sunny day. Green Andino Deceiver were the fly of the trip. Hosted at Gemeos Lodge, with Schummacher guide. Very good food and conciegerie and excelent flyfishing Marsopa boats. River was a little bit high but under the edge and water temperature was chilly, but murky.


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