Silver Creek

Destino: Silver Creek
Desde: 02/11/2016
Hasta: 02/11/2016
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha arcoiris, Trucha marrón, Trucha de arroyo o fontinalis, Cutthroat , Bull trout, Grayling, Whitefish, Cutthroat de moteado fino
"For the supreme test of a fisherman is not how many fish he has caught, not even how he has caught them, but what he has caught when he has caught no fish." – John H. Bradley

The best laid plans of rivers and men often go awry; fly fishing is, after all, a sport rife with uncontrollable variables. Sometimes the wind blows the hatch away, or the rain swells the river and turns it brown. Sometimes the tippet breaks when the hook set is too crisp, or the fish looks and rejects what appears to be a perfect presentation. These moments are the true test of an angler's grit. You might ask, "What has one caught when one has caught no fish?" The answer is simple: an encounter with a moose, a respite from life, a lesson in humility, a burning desire to return again.

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