Alphonse Island

Desde: 08/11/2014
Hasta: 15/11/2014
Tipo de Agua: Agua salada
Especies: Bonefish, Permit, Giant Trevally - GT, Atún de aleta amarilla, Pez vela, Triggerfish, Brassy Trevally, Jobfish (Green Jobfish), Atún Blanco o Casarte Ojón
Alphonse Fishing News – 8 – 15 October 2013 – A Flurry of Triggers, Monster Yellowfin and Wahoo Around!

The third week of the season has just ended and once again there has been a flurry of trophy fish caught by all of this weeks’ team. We started with only 8 anglers as we continue to train our experienced but new-to-Alphonse guides. The wind blew a constant 10 to 15 knots from the South-East throughout the week which made the fishing conditions pleasant. Early in the week the team concentrated on the incredible numbers of Bonefish that St Francois has to offer and as the week progressed and casts improved in length and accuracy our guests turned their rods towards the bigger and more finicky species, both on and off the flats.

The Trigger-fishing was as good as it gets when Ver más...


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Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island

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