Biblioteca Reporte de Pesca Atlantic Ocean and surroundings

Atlantic Ocean and surroundings

Desde: 30/08/2019
Hasta: 30/08/2019
Tipo de Agua: Agua salada
Especies: Snook - Róbalo
Surf is up a little but we decide to hit the beach. 2-3 foot rollers coming in water a little of color. Saw very few baitfish. Throwing a Scott Radian 10’ 7 weight paired with a custom Nautilus G 7/8 with Airflo Intermediate Line 20# leader with 30# shock. Fly white/Chartreuse Clousers. Target species are Snook this time of year. After walking beach south for about half hour with 1 lost fish we head back North. Cast out start 2 hand retrieve & feel like we’re snagged & then there goes the backing. After going into backing 3 times we finally see the fish. It’s a Snook but hard to tell how big. Waves push her up on beach fly pops out & we she it’s a beast & grab it before she swims off.


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Capt. Randy Parchment

Capt. Randy Parchment

Guía, Instructor de lanzamiento - Reino Unido