Destino: Berounka
Desde: 20/07/2018
Hasta: 20/07/2018
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Barbo
The morning and afternoon session with Hector on river Berounka was unexpectedly outrageous. Though the water was clear, the flow little and there were many people on the banks and in the the river due to hot weather the fish took flies quite well, especially vimbas and even the queen of streams – barbel. I found that french nymph works well especially in such a hot days because of its sensitivity and thin tippet targeted on spooky fish.

Initially our main goal was catching a chub, but we didn’t find any of those large-mouth glutton in the morning. And of course after getting the first bite from the barbel we’ve payed attention just to this amazing fish. Though the barbel’s take is usually quite soft the fight this stubborn fish gives very strong bending the rod to its maximum p Ver más...


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Osvaldo Velo

Osvaldo Velo

Guía, Instructor de atado, Instructor de lanzamiento - Italia