darwin Harbour

Desde: 27/06/2016
Hasta: 27/06/2016
Tipo de Agua: Agua salada
Especies: Golden Trevally, Brassy Trevally
Brassies, goldens, queenfish and macks at Lee Point.
Early start at Peter's to hook up boat and load the gear.
We were on the water just before the sun broke the horizon.

We did notice a familiar red ute at the Dinah Beach boat ramp carpark, so we might run into other fly fishers on the local harbour today - thought they were all at the tying day out at Humpty Doo.

We are determined this time to head straight to Lee Point, no distractions and focus on the longtail tuna - so we zip along at a fair pace once out of the 5knot zone out from Dinah Beach Ramp.

Busting up fish are busting up fish and just before East Point we find queenfish going absolutely nuts all around the boat.
no time for photos or video - just cast cast and cast some more there's fish about.
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