Radovna River

Destino: Radovna River
Desde: 14/04/2016
Hasta: 17/04/2016
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha arcoiris, Trucha marrón, Grayling, Trucha marmorata
Fly fishing in Slovenia with Urko Fishing Adventures Extended weekend in early season with my client from England. We had a blast while we were fly fishing at some of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia. Glad I could helped to achieve some life time goals "1st marble trout, marble trout on a dry fly, 1st fish on Tenkara" and teaching some new techniques! Day 1: Krka (Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia) Day 2: Lepena and Soča (Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia) Day 3: Radovna (Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia) Day 4: Bistra (Angling Club Vrhnika) To be continued in month November ... Chasing Huchen!


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