Río Ewan

Destino: Río Ewan
Desde: 18/11/2016
Hasta: 30/04/2017
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Sea-Trout (Trucha Marrón Anádroma)
SEA TROUT RUN RIO RIO EWAN A DREAM. Ewan mouth of the river, is the union of the North Ewan rivers with the South in Cape Ewan, to get together the Atlantic Ocean. You reach the place Entre Rios, on the north Ewan, National Route No. 3, about an hour and a half from the city of Ushuaia.
In the route and to reach the place, much of the landscape of Tierra del Fuego is observed. Passing from the mountainous landscapes in Ushuaia, with its valleys, ski resorts, Lake Escondido and Fagnano, several sawmills to reach the landscapes more plains, near the town of Rio Grande, through the heart of the island in the commune of Tolhuin.
Having reached this point by car, we prepare for a trip of 15 minutes cuatriciclos, between Loma de kaitesh and the Naikmeish.
This journey, let see the variety of Ver más...


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