Biblioteca Reporte de Pesca Soča, Lepena, Koritnica and Idrijca

Soča, Lepena, Koritnica and Idrijca

Desde: 01/04/2019
Hasta: 04/04/2019
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha arcoiris, Grayling, Trucha marmorata
We couldn't wish for a better start of fly fishing season at the rivers Soča, Lepena, Koritnica managed by Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, and Idrijca managed by Angling Club Idrija. Targeted species was marble trout, catching almost every day at least one fish. In between, we caught a lot of rainbows and few graylings which are still in offseason "spawning time". Mostly we're using nymphs, but we did manage to catch some on dries and streamers. **Guests: Reto and Jan** **1st day at Soča** **2nd day at Lepena** **3rd day at Koritnica & Soča** **4th day at Idrijca**


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