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Arctic Char - Salvelino Alpino, Salmón del Atlántico , Trucha marrón, Sea-Trout (Trucha Marrón Anádroma)

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Islandia Hella, South Iceland, Islandia
Kristinn Ingolfsson, owner and manager of, an angling company in Iceland. An Angler for over 35 years and fishing guide for many years. River or Lake fishing; salmon, Brown trout, Sea trout or arctic Char fishing, I can guide you.

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Hella, South Iceland, Islandia

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Arctic char - Up stream
Brown trout
Salmon fishing in Iceland
Arctic Char river
Brown trout - river Varma
Brown trout - Lake thinvellir in Iceland
Brown trout - Lake thingvellir in Iceland
Atlantic Salmon - West Ranga river
West Ranga - Salmon, c&r.
River Galtalaekur - Brown trout