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Arctic Char - Salvelino Alpino, Salmón del Atlántico , Trucha marrón, Sea-Trout (Trucha Marrón Anádroma)

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Kristinn Ingolfsson, owner and manager of, an angling company in Iceland. An Angler for over 35 years and fishing guide for many years. River or Lake fishing; salmon, Brown trout, Sea trout or arctic Char fishing, I can guide you.

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Hella, South Iceland, Islandia

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Arctic char - Up stream
Brown trout
Salmon fishing in Iceland
Arctic Char river
Brown trout - river Varma
Brown trout - Lake thinvellir in Iceland
Brown trout - Lake thingvellir in Iceland
Atlantic Salmon - West Ranga river
West Ranga - Salmon, c&r.
River Galtalaekur - Brown trout