Tuckamore Lodge

Canadá Little pond, Main Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadá


Tuckamore Lodge is located in the centre of a vast region of exceptional natural beauty. There are long stretches of sandy beach, rocky headlands that rise to incredible heights, and tiny outport communities tucked away in sheltered coves.

The countryside teems with wildlife. Majestic moose, herds of caribou, and huge black bears roam the area in great numbers. The rivers and streams are home to the Atlantic Salmon, and the lakes and ponds are filled with trout - from pan size to record size.

Southwest Pond, home to Tuckamore, is also home to several Bald Eagles, Loons and other birds of interest. Moose are plentiful and visit shores of the ponds almost daily. A quiet evening walk will take you past a beaver lodge or gentle river steady.


Arctic Char - Salvelino Alpino, Salmón del Atlántico , Trucha de arroyo o fontinalis

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Little pond, Main Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadá