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Canadá Natuashish, Terranova y Labrador, Canadá


The Flowers is an ideal fishery for new anglers who don't have a lot of wading experience, or for elderly fishermen who may not be quite as steady on their feet as they once were, but still love to wade.

The river, under most flows, is gin clear. In many of the pools, you will be able to see the fish and we challenge everyone to try and not pull too quickly, when you see a twenty pounder leave the bottom mouth open and head for your dry fly! We haven’t landed one yet, but there are anglers who claim, and even swear to the fact, that they’ve hooked fish in the forty pound class, but can’t hang on to them. Come and see for yourself!


Arctic Char - Salvelino Alpino, Salmón del Atlántico

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Natuashish, Terranova y Labrador, Canadá