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We provide fly fishing trips for resident Atlantic Tarpon, in the rivers off of the Panamanian Pacific Coast.

Because our fishing grounds are located very near Panamá City, we can also complement fishing with great lodging in world-class hotels, great dining and one of the most exciting nightlife in Central America and the Caribbean.

Caña Brava offers a unique experience that only a few anglers have had the chance to enjoy before.

The fishing at Caña Brava can be, on most days, packed with strikes and action, but fishing these waters is not a super easy task. The tarpon sizes can range from 10 to 80 lbs. We've seen many and hooked some 3 digit Tarpon in the river but we are not especially aiming at them.

Tarpon lives and feeds here all year round praying on different bait-fish  Ver más...


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Tropical weather, very safe river to fish even in bad wearher conditions


ciudad de panama, Panamá

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50+lb Tarpon are common, but definitely not easy to land!
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Panama City is a wonderful place to complement extremely exiting days of fishing with very comfortable, very relaxing nights of rest.
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