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In Uruwild we offer sportfishing services in the Northern Territory of Uruguay.

Our goal is to offer the best fly fishing experiences in Uruguay, thought and designed specifically for fly fishermen. We are passionate about wading fishing and we always try the best rivers, streams, and canyons of Uruguay in search of the Blue Tarariras and the Dorados of our waters.

We have different rooms located in fascinating corners of Uruguay which are ideal for fly fishing. We invite all fishermen to come and get to know our experience in the diversity of environments we have to offer and practice the fishing discipline with all the services included.


- En Uruwild ofrecemos servicios de pesca deportiva en el Norte del Territorio del Uruguay.

Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer las mejores experiencias  Ver más...


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Descripción (Río Negro, Represa de Palmar, Rio Negro, Uruguay)

Rio Negro is the largest river in Uruguay crossing all over the country from east to west. Rio Negro is well known because of its huge wolf fish, up to 10 kilos, and the Golden Dorados. In this destination you can fish both species in different kind of streams, small creeks and rivers. The fishing here offers nice wadeing fishing situations and sightfishing for wolf fish and dorados. Rio Negro its an iconic fishing place in Uruguay and we have selected the best streams, creeks and sections of the river to fish this region !


Río Negro, Represa de Palmar, Rio Negro, Uruguay

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Foto de pesca con mosca
Wading, dreaming and fishing.
The Golden Dorado you wanna catch !
Wading for Dorados
Foto de pesca con mosca
Structures, Clearwaters
Drift your Streamers in Rapid Waters
SIghtfishing for Wolf Fish
Dorados and also Wolf Fish
Foto de pesca con mosca
Foto de pesca con mosca