Library Fishing Report Tapajós / Juruena / Teles Pires/ Aximari and Bararati

Tapajós / Juruena / Teles Pires/ Aximari and Bararati

From: 05/30/2015
To: 06/04/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Peacock Bass, Pacu, Wolf Fish, Piranha, Bicuda, Payara, Arawana, Matrinxá
South Amazon incredible fishing

At the end of May/ beginning of July we have had a group from Orvis, Jeremy Kehrein and Tyler Atkins, who brought Bryan Goulart from NYC, Keith Hampton from Texas and the hilarious Daniel Seymour from England.

Also joined us Gui Willie Monteiro a brazilian flyfishing guide who lives in Florida for 25 years more and Thiago Carrano, our flyfishing instructor and professional fishing guide.

Those gentleman fished with us for 4 1/2 days in our 5 rivers, Tapajós, Juruena, Teles Pires, Aximarí and Bararati and just one (Cupid lake) of our 200 lakes, and caught 600 more fish.

Despite the high level of the water they could catch 12 diferent species of fish, as Bicuda, Arawana, Pacu Borracha, Matrinxa, Jatuarana, Jacundá, Payara, Sword Payara, Piranha View more...


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