Library Fishing Report Big Wood River

Big Wood River

From: 09/28/2016
To: 09/28/2016
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout, Cutthroat, Bull trout, Grayling , Whitefish, Fine Spotted Cutthroat
"The poetry of the sport hooked me long before I learned the prose." - Judy Muller

There are those who fish with precision, making each cast direct and to the point. And there are those who fish with the fly in the air as much as it is on the water, making each presentation as if it is a prayer. Some anglers scan the water searching the surface for movement, a rise, a dimple, a flash of color. And others who look deep for structure and imagine the possibilities. Just as there are many different ways to catch a fish, there are varied ways to read a river. Whether you are hooked by the poetry or are just learning the prose, remember, the river is where the stories begin. This fall, make every excursion your masterpiece.

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