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F & H Matuka

I never liked that much the Matukas made with hen feathers, maybe because these feathers wrinkle in the boxes and lose its shape a bit, something that is terrible for a perfectionist person. Still, once at Patagonia, Laura-my wife- literally beat me using a green hen Matuka. From that moment on, I w View more...
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F & H Matuka
List of materials
Tying materialsHook: Daiichi 2271 hook DEE size 2 to 8.Thread: 8/0 white cream.Listed: chartreuse gold wire.Body: dubbing.Wing: two dyed Sussex chicken feathers.Belly: chartreuse fox hair.Sides: fox hair black.Cheeks: jungle cock.Collar: Guinea fowl chartreuse.

Step 1

Tie the wire with even thread turns on the same side as the hook eye loop. Do it up to where the picture shows, just before the barb.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 1

Step 2

Take the thread back to the front and make an oval body with dubbing, tying from the eye to the back and going again to the front. With a wire brush, take the remnants from the body to make a translucent halo.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 2

Step 3

Choose to hen feathers, set them together perfectly and take the remnants of the fibers away at the lower part.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 3

Step 4

Tie the feather firmly at the front, it should be vertical. Very carefully trim the lower part of the fibers to get to the end of the body.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 4

Step 5

Make a turn with the wire to shape a tag. The, separating the wing fibers with a needle, spiral the wire towards the eye, making bigger spaces where the body is thicker, so that the listing is nice and harmonic. When you get to the front, tie the wire and trim.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 5

Step 6

Prepare a fox tail strap eliminating the hard hair and tie it in the belly of the fly, making sure it is not too much hair.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 6

Step 7

Tie a bundle of fox hair at each side, we should use half of what was used for the belly.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 7

Step 8

Add the jungle cock cheeks, or the collar directly if we are to use adhesive eyes.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 8

Step 9

Choose a dyed Guinea hen feather with fibers of half the hook length and make a collar tying it by the tip and wrapping, as we comb the fibers to the back; then paint it black and apply several layers of our favorite epoxy or lacquer.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 9

Step 10

Finished fly image.

Fly tying - F & H Matuka - Step 10


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