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M.M. Czech Junín

This is a traditional Czech Nymph with some minor changes in its thorax, which worked very well during the last season.
In sizes 8 to 16 and with the right moves it is very effective in fast waters, especially in the beginning of the seasons or when rivers are still high.
The pink or orange “hot View more...
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M.M. Czech Junín
List of materials
MaterialsHook: Partridge Czech Nymph, sizes 8 to 16 depending on the spot and season period.Thread: 8/0 or 14/0, White.Weighing: lead or tungsten, 0.20 to 0.80 de mm.Ribbing: 0.10 to 0.20 mm monofilament, depending on hook size. Pearled Flashabou or UV.Abdomen: hare or rabbit dubbing, pale, mostly under hair.Back: Thin Skin strap or similar, like the Scud Back or a PVC strap.Thorax: hare dubbing, with Ice Dubbing, UV with black or dark brown. View more...

Step 1

Weighing the hook.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 1

Step 2

Tie the monofilament and the flashabou strand and use the thread to cover the tips and make the underbody. So as not to thicken the abdomen, it’s better to paint the back white rather than using thread, this can be done with nail polish. Let it dry before placing the dubbing.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 2

Step 3

Place not too much dubbing on the thread and make the abdomen, right past the middle of the hook towards the hook eye.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 3

Step 4

Make the hot spot with more dubbing.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 4

Step 5

Spiral the flashabou strand, cut the remnant and tie the thin skin strap. It should cover the back and sides, no more.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 5

Step 6

Set the strap and tie it tight to make the larva sections. Cut then the strap in the middle so two little tips remain and act as the tail.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 6

Step 7

Finished fly. Use black or brown dubbing to make the tórax, from the hook eye to the back and all the way back to the eye where we finish. Use a black marker for the head and some cianoacrilate. Use a wire brush to loosen thorax and abdomen hair, just a bit, for it must sink fast.

Fly tying - M.M. Czech Junín - Step 7


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