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Willys Ant - Red

I learned about this fly some time ago, when I first started in the Fly Fishing guide business. My co-workers told me to look for it in the Montana Fly Co. directory. At first I thought it was just another kind of Chernobyl ant, but time showed me that it was much more than simply "another kind of C View more...
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Willys Ant - Red
List of materials
Hook: #8-12 hopper hook. Thread: 3/0 black. Body and Thorax: Red ice dubbing. Legs: Round rubber legs - Black. Wing / Indicator: White Polypropylene Yarn

Step 1

Wrap the thread around the hook shank.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 1

Step 2

Make a thick body of red dubbing.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 2

Step 3

Tie the black foam just before where the hook bend start.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 3

Step 4

Tie one pair of rubber legs at each side of the fly. Add a couple of wraps with dubbing just to cover the black thread.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 4

Step 5

Add another pair of rubber legs on each side of the fly just where the thorax of the fly should be.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 5

Step 6

Tie the white wing / indicator and add a couple of red dubbing for the thorax. Finished fly.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 6

Step 7

Ventral view.

Fly tying - Willys Ant - Red - Step 7


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