Rivadavia River

Desde: 06/02/2018
Hasta: 06/02/2018
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha arcoiris, Trucha marrón, Trucha de arroyo o fontinalis
Patagonia! Dreamed by many and lived by the few.

In this season after so much planning, we decided to explore a little more deeply the region of Esquel in Chubut in Patagonia Argentina. We stayed at the lodge of our great friend Richard Williams, who lies on the banks of the Futaleufu river about 60km from the town of Esquel.

Our adventure was divided into three of the most representative fishing spots in the region: Rio Rivadavia, Arroio Pescado and Rio Futaleufu.

Today the first leg of our journey takes us to the enchanting Rivadavia River and the legendary Spring Creek Doña Rosa.

After the warm welcome from Richard's staff at the Lodge and a great night's sleep in private suites overlooking the river and at the foot of the Andes, we woke up early and soon after a reinforce Ver más...


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