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Uruguay Salto, Departamento de Salto, Uruguay


I am a fishing guide in Salto, Uruguay, for dorado for more than 15 years. When I started fly fishing, I opened a new universe that didn't know when fishing with lures. So I decided to find a place that suits fly fishing and did many scoutings in internal rivers and streams of Uruguay until I found a natural paradise with crystal clear waters called "Arapey".

It was there that I said: this is the place!!! I started my new venture "Arapey Fly Fishing".
In this place, apart from very good golden dorados up to 8 and 10 kgs. I found the famous "wolffish" or "blue tarariras" of high sporting value. I got myself adequate logistics for the local needs and for the fisherman to feel very comfortable.
Today, Arapey Fly Fishing is a fishing destination frequently visited. 3 days of 2 nights camping  Ver más...


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Salto, Departamento de Salto, Uruguay

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