Kenai River

From: 06/01/2019
To: 10/01/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Coho salmon, Sockeye salmon, Chinook salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char
King Salmon
Pre-season forecasts were dismal for king salmon runs here on the Kenai peninsula and for much of the state. While few would call the 2019 King Salmon fishery as excellent, it wasn't all bad either. Many had predicted a pre-emptive closing of the fishery, and we were pleased to see the fishery remain open. Conditions were less than ideal much of time with high, cloudy water due to our statewide heat wave. Despite everything seeming to not be in our favor, TRL guests managed to catch some excellent fish! The biggest fish of the season was caught by the Lohmann party (a group of repeat offenders) tipping the scales at 72 lbs--a true Kenai behemoth.

Sockeye Salmon
Dare we say "the best sockeye year ever?!" From late May to the end of August, the sockeye fishing not only was View more...


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