Vladimir Mikec - Miki

Slovenia Ljubljanica River, Vrhnika, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Guide, Fly Tying instructor

My name is Vladimir Mikec – Miki. I live in Vrhnika, Slovenia. I’m a fishing instructor, quide, fly tying teacher and I was a member for several years of the national fly-fishing team. I am also an internationally recognized fly tyer as well as a reporter for several fisheries newspapers. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fly tying, fly fishing and the best angler streams of our beautiful country Slovenia. If I can help someone learn more about fly fishing techniques to catch trout, grayling, pike or Danubien salmon “sulec”, see some beautiful Alpine mountain scenery and have an enjoyable time, then I have accomplished my goals as a teacher and a guide. Subjects that I cover with are: Aquatic insect identification, Introduction to equipment, terminology of the fly fishing sport, t View more...


Brown trout, Danube Salmon - Hucho Hucho, Grayling , Lake trout, Marble Trout, Pike, Walleye

Spoken Languages

Bosanski / Босански, Hrvatski, English, Српски / Srpski, Slovenščina

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Ljubljanica River, Vrhnika, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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